Zádor-hús Kft. was founded in September 2003.
Our aim was to establish a meat industrial enterprise which was exclusively based on
several decade-old family recipes brought from the past.
Our specialities are mainly the different sausage types, however, we are familiar
with producing several other special products.

In 2005, within the frames of a green field investment our meat plant of almost
1300 m2 fully complying with the relevant EU norms was built.
In addition to high standards, quality, and special tastes from the past this allowed us to
manufacture products which we may be proud of in the Hungarian market.

Based on success of the recent years, and trusting
Hungarian customers’ requirements for high quality, in 2009 we expanded our plant.
Today we may state that the products manufactured by Zádor-Hús Kft. are popular foods
in the capital and several other towns and villages.

In our opinion, due to the more than 50 product types
and the production technology of high standards we may proudly represent
our slogan that can be read on the sides all of our fridge trucks:

“Because it counts what you eat.”